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Age of Legend: Social Modifiers to NPC's Reaction

Players will always decide their character's reaction to any person encountered, but not the reactions of their allies, henchmen, hirelings, followers or other NPC associates.

All modifiers are given for the person reacted to (first column) in relation to various groups of NPCs. If the character's social status is not known to the NPC, no modifier applies. For reactions to, or by a mixed group, the smallest numerical modifier applies.

Nationalities (Human): Roman Citizenship

Citizen: Citizen +10%, Federate of same religious sect +5%. +1 Intelligence, -1 Constitution.
Federate: Citizen –5%, Federate +10%.
Barbarian: Citizen –15%, Federate –10%, Barbarian +5%. Barbarians of 2nd level or higher can be granted Federate status by a Roman magistrate (typically the leader of a Citizen community).
Same nationality: +5%

Nationalities (Demi-Human): The Courts

Seelie Court: Seelie +10%, Unseelie –10%, Solitary (G) –5%, other nonhuman (G) +5%, other nonhuman (N) -5%, other nonhuman (E) -15%
Solitary: Seelie –5%
Unseelie Court: Seelie –15%, Unseelie +10%, other nonhuman (G) –15%, other nonhuman (N) –10%, other nonhuman (E) +5%

“Other nonhuman” includes most creatures between Low and Exceptional intelligence, dwelling on the Prime Material plane. Court modifiers apply in addition to alignment modifiers.

Any nonhuman (including half-elf): Human Christian Federate –15%, all other humans –5%


Upper: Middle +15%, Lower +10%; Dexterity -1
Middle: Upper –10%
Lower: Upper –10%, Middle –20%; Constitution +1

Applies only to NPCs of the same species (counting half-elves as elves), and for humans, base religion (Christian, pagan or druidic).
If a foreigner's religion is not known, NPCs will react to him/her based on the religion of the Upper rank in the foreigner's nation.


Same religious sect: +10%
Relations between sects vary widely from nation to nation, and change rapidly through time. These may be described in campaign or regional notes.


Favoured: +10%
Tolerated: 0
Persecuted (except same class as NPC): –15%

Reaction modifiers for classes are determined by the setting if encountered in a civilised area, otherwise by the NPC's home region. If not stated by campaign/region notes:

Priest Same religion, or religion of Upper rank generally Favoured; religion of Lower/Middle rank or foreign religion generally Tolerated, Persecuted by Christian Federates; foreign pagan or druidic religion Persecuted by Citizens.
Druid as pagan priest.
Fighter generally Favoured.
Paladin generally Tolerated, Favoured by Orthodox Christians.
Ranger generally Tolerated, Favoured by druidics.
Wizard (all) Tolerated by pagans or Citizens, Persecuted by Christian Federates.
Thief generally Persecuted.
Bard generally Tolerated, Favoured by druidics.
Assassin generally Persecuted, Tolerated by some Federates.