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Known Armour Types

Banded mail lorikia 135sp
Breastplate (AC 7, or add 1 AC up to mail) 40sp
Gauntlets, studded/ringed leather 8sp
Greaves, metal splint 15sp
Helmet, metal cap, or part-metal with cheek guards 2sp
Helmet, metal, nasal and/or cheek guards 10sp
Horn-scaled leather (AC 7) 40sp
Leather, hardened, corselet or scale 5sp
Lizard-scale mail (AC 5) 105sp
Mail byrnie 75sp
Mail coif or aventail 15sp
Mail mittens/gloves 12/18sp
Padded 4sp
Ringed leather 30sp
Scaled leather (AC 6/AC 5 vs. missiles) 45sp
Shield, buckler 5sp
Shield, large 15sp
Shield, large/small, woven sticks (0)
Shield, small 10sp
Shield, small, wooden 1sp
Splinted leather 120sp
Studded leather 15sp

Helmets: Lose 1AC if not wearing a helmet with armour of studded, ringed, horn-scaled or metal-scaled leather, or if wearing a cap or part-metal helmet with mail or better. Lose 2AC if not wearing any helmet with mail or better. Provides AC 6 (cap/part-metal) or AC 4 (metal) protection to head.
Gauntlets/mail gloves: No effect on general AC, but provide AC 6 or 5 protection to hands and forearms. Manual Dexterity check penalty: -2 studded leather, -3 mail gloves, -4 mail mittens.

Armour in Nation of Origin

Banded mail lorikia 90sp Eastern, Persian, dwarven
Horn-scaled leather 25sp Sarmatian
Lizard-scale mail 70sp Eastern

Unknown Armour Types (cannot be purchased or made)

Bronze plate mail (can be found as magical treasure), plate mail, field plate, full plate


Common/Uncommon Weapons

Arrow, short, single 1cp
Arrow, short, dozen 1sp
Arrow, short, armour-piercing, dozen 1sp
Arrow, silver, single 2sp
Axe, two-handed (as battleaxe) 7sp
Axe, hand 1sp
Axe, throwing 2sp
Bow, composite, short 110sp
Bow, short 15sp
Dagger 2sp
Dart, hand 5cp
Flail, horseman's 8sp
Hammer 1sp
Javelin 5cp
Javelin, blunt 2cp
Knife 1sp
Lance (light) 9sp
Lance (medium) 6sp
Lasso, rawhide 5cp
Mace, footman's 8sp
Mace, horseman's 4sp
Sap 15cp
Scimitar (spatha, yataghan) 15sp
Sling & six bullets 1sp
Sling bullets, dozen 3cp
Soliferreum (iron javelin) 3sp
Spear, 3' to 7' 1sp
Spear, 8' to 14' 2sp
Spear or lance, practice 1cp
Staff, quarter (0)
Sword, broad 10sp
Sword, long 15sp
Sword, practice (any style, cutting or sparring) 2cp
Sword, short (gladius, saex) 8sp
Whip 3sp

Weapon makers or traders in all parts of Europe are likely to stock these weapons. See “Additional missile weapons” for these weapons: blunt javelin, soliferreum, armour-piercing arrows, blunt arrows.

Rare Weapons

Arrow, long, dozen 3sp
Bolt, light, armour-piercing, score 5sp
Bow, cane, long (as composite longbow) 250sp
Bow, elven (as composite longbow) 300sp
Bow, elven, short (as composite short bow) 150sp
Caltrop 3cp
Crossbow, hand 300sp
Crossbow, light 60sp
Garrotte 2sp*
Harpoon 6sp*
Quarrel, hand, sleep-poisoned 100sp
Quarrel, hand 2cp
Quarrel/bolt, light, score 3sp
Spiked buckler 30sp*
Staff sling & six bullets 9sp
Staff sling bullets, dozen 1sp
Sword, bastard 75sp
Sword, khopesh 30sp*
Sword, two-handed 90sp
Trident 12sp

These weapons are available in their nation of origin as below, and in adjacent areas at varying prices. In other parts of Europe they can be searched for or commissioned at the stated cost. * Asterisked items are rare everywhere in Europe, but may be bought at varying prices from certain groups known to favour such weapons. See “Additional missile weapons” for these weapons: armour-piercing bolts, blunt quarrels.
Weapons not listed here (eg. polearms) can be commissioned from a master weapon-maker for about 3 times the cost given in the Player's Handbook, unless listed below as unknown. Wood-staved longbows can be made by faerie or alfar bowyers, or by a human master bowyer with a year's waiting time, and in either case cost 300sp.

Weapons in Nation of Origin

Arrow, long, dozen 1sp Indian, elven
Axe, throwing 1sp Franks
Axe, two-handed 5sp Danish, Slav
Bolt, light, armour-piercing, score 15cp Eastern, dwarven
Bow, cane, long 50sp Indian
Bow, composite, short 75sp Steppe peoples, Eastern, Persian
Bow, elven 60sp Elves (faerie, alfar)
Bow, elven, short 30sp Elves (small folk)
Caltrop 1cp Eastern
Crossbow, light 20sp Eastern, dwarven
Dart, hand 3cp Eastern, Visigoth
Lance (light) 6sp Eastern, Arab
Lasso, rawhide 3cp Steppe peoples
Quarrel/bolt, light, score 1sp Eastern, dwarven
Sling & six bullets 6cp Persian, Sub-Roman British, Irish, Eastern, Danish, gnome, halfling
Sling bullets, dozen 2cp Persian, Sub-Roman British, Irish, Eastern, Danish, gnome, halfling
Staff sling & six bullets 3sp Eastern
Staff sling bullets, dozen 3cp Eastern
Spear, 8' to 14' 15cp Pictish, Persian, Eastern, Meccan
Sword, bastard 25sp Sarmatian
Sword, practice 1cp Eastern, Italian
Sword, two-handed 30sp Indian, elves
Trident 6sp Italian

Unknown Weapons (cannot be learned, purchased or made)
Arquebus etc., bombard
Bec de corbin, bill-guisarme, fauchard-fork, glaive-guisarme, guisarme-voulge, halberd, hook fauchard, Lucern hammer, man-catcher
Crossbow, heavy


Only fighters or assassins can gain weapon proficiencies with weapons listed as rare. Weapons listed as Indian (cane longbow, two-handed sword) can only be learned by fighters or assassins of Indian or Persian nationality. Weapons listed as elven (elven bow, two-handed sword) can only be learned by humans if they are fighters of Irish, Pictish or Slav nationality and pagan religion. The khopesh can be learned by druids.