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Jerry, Interrupted

Background - Jerry's Machine: Why Jerry Cornelius wants to accelerate the Conjunction of the Million Spheres and drain all energy from the multiverse.

Involving the Heroes: The heroes are resistance fighters, battling against genocidal American advisers in the ruins of Europe. They are recruited by Una Persson to do X. I'm not entirely clear what X is, but it takes them to London.

Saving London: The heroes survive an American napalm bombing, and commandeer a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow to travel through the ash-strewn streets of a depopulated London.

Sidebar - The Heat Death of the Universe: The effects of accelerated time and energy draining, starting with minor effects and increasing towards total entropy.

Jerry Misses The Party: The heroes arrive at the club downstairs from Jerry's lab. Due to the assault on his psychic analogue within the ruins of Tanelorn, Jerry is increasingly weak and confused. He misses his set, but manages to complete his experiment.

The End: The Conjunction approaches. The present timeline slows and halts. Jerry Cornelius drains the energy of all universes to resurrect his beloved sister.

The Five Who Are One: The assault from the Dark Ship succeeds. Jerry Cornelius becomes one with his more responsible incarnations. The Five use the Black Sword to slay Catherine Cornelius and restore the Balance.

Release of a Breath: Life returns to the universe, leaving it somewhat more vital than before. The heroes obtain the shipment of guns, rescue the innocent child with a great destiny, or whatever else X happened to be.